Microscope Hot Stage-XY —- MHS350-XY

      MHS350-XY hot stage has dual heating control and sample XY axis movement configuration. It is also a hot stage for large area sample observation. It can carry out conventional material thermal analysis and characterization research. The dual temperature controller can achieve single stage control, dual stage synchronous control and dual stage individual control, and the auto cooling pump can accurately control the temperature below room temperature. The microscope hot stage can work with Raman, infrared spectrometer and/or Fourier transform infrared microscope, X-ray diffraction, non-contact measurement microscope, etc. to obtain Raman spectrum, infrared spectrum, X-ray diffraction spectrum and mechanical mechanical parameters.

technical specification:

Temperature range: -50 to 350 ℃

Stability and accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C

Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C

Ramp rate: up to 30 ° C / min

XY axis movement configuration

Large sample area observation

Optional Image System

Compatible with various types of microscopes

Special design hot stage transparent body