Black Oil PVT


The mercury free black oil PVT system is design to study phase behavior of black oil at reservoir conditions of pressure and temperature. The analyser comes complete with a high pressure sapphire window, heating jacket, high pressure embedded pump, a high accuracy pressure transducer, a manual rocker arm assembly, a magnetic driven stirrer and a data acquisition system.

Black Oil PVT

Black Oil PVT


Features :


Pressure:                                      15,000 psi

Temperature:                                Ambient to 175°C (350 °F) higher range upon request

Temperature regulation:               ± 0.2 oC

Cell volume:                                  250 cc

Volume accuracy:                          0.01 ml

Visual  Volume:                             10 ml

Pressure accuracy:                       0.1% Full scale

Stirring mechanism:                       Magnetic drive

Power supply:                                110 VAC, others upon request