AOP Eval Analyzer

AOP Eval is specially designed for fast AOP and then APE detection of asphaltenes with near infrared (NIR) technology.

The light-scattering technique is illustrated in Figure 1. The transmittance of near-infrared light through an oil phase is measured. In a homogeneous fluid with no suspended asphaltenes (P > upper AOP), light travels through the fluid with minimum scattering. Below the upper AOP, asphaltene particles appear and cause partial light scattering. A gradual reduction in light transmittance is seen until the bubble point at which total scattering takes place. Approaching the lower AOP, the light transmittance starts increasing again, thanks to redissolution of dispersed asphaltene particles.

Principle of light-scattering technique for detection of asphaltene precipitation (AOP)


Phase diagram of an asphaltene-forming oil (APE)

AOP and APE measurement on Chinese oil

AOP NIR data on Chinese oil

Three measurement data on Chinese oil

APE Curve of three measurement

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