Hawk Shale Analyzer

Shale Analyzer performs rapid and accurate Pyrolysis and TOC analysis on cuttings, cores and outcrops. Shale Analyzer is suited for use directly at the well-site as well as in the laboratory. Shale Analyzer is suited for evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum resource. Identify unconventional hydrocarbon resources, such as shale oil, tight oil, low resistivity, by-passed, and conventional payzones. Determine classic geochemical parameters for source, maturity and kerogen type. Utilizing the software, results such as Oil Saturation, Hydrogen Index and Maturity can be obtained in near real-time to facilitate geosteering.  Shale Analyzer can handle up to 126 samples can be loaded for unattended operation. Analysis of one sample for pyrolysis (S1, S2, S3 and Tmax) takes only 20 minutes.  While Pyrolysis plus TOC determination takes 40 minutes.



  • Pyrolysis and TOC parameters

    Hawk Shale Analyzer

  • Multi-ramp/zones and multi-peaks (including our predefined HAWK-PAM™)
  • 126 sample capacity
  • No loss of light oil
  • Precise Temperature
  • Multi-point calibration
  • True temperature for kinetics
  • HAWK-Eye software



  • S1 (free oil)
  • S2 (kerogen yield)
  • S3 (organic carbon dioxide yield)
  • S4
  • Tmax (maturity)
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
  • CC (Carbonate Carbon)
  • Absolute Tmax for kinetics calculations
Plus the following interpretative calculations:TOC
  • Adsorption Index (AI)
  • Oil Saturation Index(OSI)
  • Hydrogen index (HI)
  • Oxygen index (OI)
  • Production index (PI)
  • Generative Organic carbon (GOC)
  • non-generative organic carbon (NGOC)




  • Evaluation of both conventional and unconventional petroleum resources
  • Identify unconventional hydrocarbon resources such as shale oil, tight oil, low resistivity, by-passed, and conventional payzones
  • Determine classical geochemical parameters for source, maturity and kerogen type
The HAWK Instrument will provide you with the basic data for formulation of geochemical logs that is needed to classify the type of reservoir rock that your drill bit encounters.
Application of data from HAWK leads to the successful identification of producible Shale Oil Resource Systems.
  • Continuous organic-rich mudstones with no open fractures (tight shale)
  • Organic-rich mudstones with open fractures (fractured shale)application
  • Organic-rich mudstones with interbedded organic-lean facies (hybrid shale)
Key to producible shale oil resource systems and identification of by-passed pay zones is the presence of producible oil which occurs when the “oil crossover effect” is plotted as shown below:
Utilizing the “Oil Crossover Effect”:
S1/TOC > 1 or when Oil Saturation Index (S1/TOCx100) > 100 mg oil/g TOC




This software package provides both a table and graphical set of analytical results showing the pyrolysis, TOC and carbonate carbon parameters with precise temperature values obtained from kinetic analysis. The software also provides interpretive parameters including hydrogen index (HI), oxygen index (OI), adsorption index, (AI) oil saturation index (OSI), production index (PI), generative organic carbon (GOC) and non-generative organic carbon (NGOC). The software has built-in methods for pyrolysis, TOC and carbonate carbon analysis that can be customized as needed. Calibration is another unique feature of the HAWK-Eye software.
HAWK-Eye software enables you to monitor analyses in real-time and even to view these analyses and output reports in multiple windows simultaneously.
HAWK-Eye software is unique in that it records into a database every analysis that is done on the HAWK instrument and so results are always available whenever needed and output reports into rich excel format.