S-Perm 2000 Ultar Low Permeability Analyzer

Permeability is a critical parameter of tight reservoir rocks that determine their viability for commercial development. For these unconventional reservoir rocks, fast, accurate, and routine determination of permeability is essential. Current methods for measuring permeability may lead to erroneous results when applied to very tight gas shale. S-Perm 2000 is developed for shale gas study and is ideal for direct measurement of ultra low permeability of tight sands and shale.

S-Perm 2000 Ultra Low Permeability Analyzer

S-Perm 2000 Ultra Low Permeability Analyzer


Pore pressure: between 30 and 2000 psi

Stress or confining pressure: up to 10,000 psi

Permeability Range: 0.000001 md To 10 md (Depending on sample size)

Perm Measurement Method: Pulse Decay

Core Sample size : Length: 0.5 to 2.0 inch

Diameter : 1.0 inch and 1.5 inch

True Tri-axial  core-holder (capability of all core-holder)

Differential Pressure Setting: 0 to 100 psi

Pressure Transducer Accuracy: 0.1%Fs

Optional: Automatic confining pressure pump

                Max Working Pressure: 10,000 psi

                Pump Speed: 0.0001 to 80 ml/min

                Volume:  250 ml

                Material: 316SS

                Accuracy: 0.1%FS

                It can control by panel touch screen, and PC software.


Features Include:

Manual or computerized control data acquisition capabilities

WindowsTM-based program offers a user friendly, that not only calculates data but also offers enhanced graphical representations such as temperature, confining pressure for instant quality control checks.

Helium/Nitrogen ,Transient, pressure decay Perm measurement.

Pressure falloff permeability

Klinkenberg-corrected perm

Quickly calculated perm measurements

Software Main Panel

Software Main Panel