H-Pore 200 Helium Porosimter

       The Helium gas expansion porosimeter to be used with matrix cup for samples 1″ in or 1½” diameter and up to 3″ in length. It enables the determination of a sample’s grain and pore volume via an isothermal helium expansion and the application of Boyle’s law and Charles’ law. Subsequently, porosity and grain density can be calculated. A data acquisition system performs calibration, data logging and parameter calculation.
       Optionally, a full diameter matrix cup can be provided for porosity studies on whole diameter core samples. Each sample matrix cup is interchangeable and is supplied with stainless steel calibration check plugs. It can also be configured for Hassler type core holder, with reservoir confining pressure.H-Pore

H-Pore 200

H-Pore 200


Core diameter: 1″ and 1.5″ , (4” optional)

Core length: up to 3″ , (up to 6″ optional)

Porosity Range: up to 40%

Charge Pressure in reference volume: 200 psi

Pressure sensor accuracy: 0.01%

Electrical requirements: 110-220 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

N2/Helium requirements: 250 psi