Core Gas Desorption Analyzer

Core Gas Desorption Analyzer is developed for on-site gas analysis and is ideally for low permeability sandstone, shale and coal bed methane absorb gas and reservoir capacity evaluation.

Core Gas Desorption Analyzer

Core Gas Desorption Analyzer



Bath temperature not higher than 80°C.

Gas volume calculation error does not exceed 5%.

Single automated test samples for each group of six samples manually unlimited number of test samples.

SPE final test results meet U.S. standards


Features Include:

Manual or computerized control data acquisition capabilities.

WindowsTM-based program offers a user friendly, that not only calculates data but also offers enhanced graphical representations such as air temperature, air pressure and bath temperature for instant quality control checks.

On-site service include core and cuttings.

Klinkenberg-corrected permeability.

Lost gas fast computation and gas in terms of total amount of gas, pressure and temperature correction according to the standard volume.

All simulation sample test, water bath temperature change with the reservoir depth.